In over 10 years at Greenpeace, I have worked on many high-profile and successful campaigns, rolling out both in the UK and globally.

 © David Mirzeoff / Greenpeace

© David Mirzeoff / Greenpeace

HSBC (2017)

As part of Greenpeace's Indonesia forests campaign, I was campaign lead on a major project targeting HSBC. The problem? HSBC was bankrolling palm oil companies known to be destroying rainforests. After conducting research and devising the strategy, I co-ordinated a project team to deliver the campaign elements, including artwork and printed assets, media work, volunteer activities, digital communications and tools, fundraising and non-violent direct action.

Result? A complete success. HSBC upgraded its palm oil policy to exclude problematic companies.


Princes (2011)

The tinned tuna being sold by Princes was being produced at a terrible cost: other marine life was being caught and killed in tuna nets. I produced the digital strand of Greenpeace UK's campaign, devising the supporter journey to capitalise on a major TV series  Hugh's Fish Fight – airing at the same time. The really exciting bits included: producing an introductory animation  (watch it above); asking supporters to phone Princes, staggering the email send to keep calls coming through out the day; and live-tweeting during Hugh's Fish Fight to recruit new supporters through promoting Greenpeace's fish consumer guide.


Nestlé (2010)

Another Indonesia forests campaign, this time about Nestlé's use of dirty palm oil. As the digital campaigner, I built the supporter engagement strategy around a high-impact but easy-to-complete 'email the CEO' action. Working with fundraising colleagues, I built a supporter journey which delivered campaign impact and potential new donors. Over the following weeks, additional tactics were promoted to supporters to increase their involvement and pressure on Nestlé.

And it worked. Nestlé eventually agreed to identify and exclude problematic palm oil companies from its supply chains.