Digital campaign strategy and content for not-for-profits

Two things form the bedrock of every successful campaign: knowing how you're going to deliver change and convincing other people why they should support you.

That's why you need a clear strategy and strong, exciting content.

Drawing on many years of experience delivering digital campaigns, I will help shape your project or campaign and make it a success. From developing effective strategies and innovative tactics, to creating content and copywriting for websites, emails and social media, I can super-charge your campaign.

Find out more about what I've delivered, then contact me to discuss how we could work together.

Digital campaign strategy

Effective campaigns that produce results requires solid planning. With over a decade of campaigning at Greenpeace, I have a wealth of experience in developing and managing advocacy projects with a digital bent. From identifying realistic objectives to situational analysis and power mapping, from plotting supporter journeys to honing key messages for specific audiences, from orchestrating strategies and timelines to cooking up creative tactics, I've covered all the bases.

This means I can provide a framework for your own planning process, or I can get stuck in and help make your campaign happen.

Digital projects & content production

My experience in digital and editorial content production stretches back even further. As a digital campaigner and producer, I have written (literally) hundreds of supporter emails, produced videos and animations, engineered social media content, and managed the development of digital tools and apps.

I have strong copywriting and editing skills, so I can produce lively and succinct prose tailored to whatever style is required. This stood me in good stead in my previous life as a freelance writer, working on articles, interviews, film reviews, and even the odd comic strip.