A bit more about me…

I’ve worked on getting people involved in campaigns and causes for over 13 years, and getting on for 20 years in digital communications as a whole.

I spent many years as part of Greenpeace UK’s digital engagement team, first as a digital campaigner and later managing the team. During my time there, I developed and delivered digital campaign strategies for many high-profile campaigns both nationally and globally, including those targeted at HSBC, Nestlé, Unilever, Princes and Mattel. I experimented with the then-emerging mobile technologies and social media platforms to create innovative ways to communicate with and involve mass audiences both online and offline. As a team manager, I helped shape organisational blueprints for digital work and a crack squad of digital experts.

In previous lives, I’ve worked on digital projects at the BBC and Endemol, and been a writer of films reviews and the odd comic.

Some people I’ve worked with…