Digital projects & content production

Forged in the white heat of the dotcom boom, my digital production and management skills have been employed by a range of people across the corporate, not-for-profit and public sectors. Together with excellent copywriting, strong video production abilities, insightful data analysis, and top-notch social media nous, I have a wide selection of talents which can make your project sing.


Communication Therapy International

CTI wanted to improve the visibility and usability of its website. I provided recommendations for restructuring the content and navigation, then reworked the architecture and theme in Wordpress. I also provided recommendations for SEO improvements, suggesting keywords and content-writing tips.

© Ulet Infansasti / Greenpeace

© Ulet Infansasti / Greenpeace

Greenpeace International

When migrating to a new CMS, Greenpeace International took the opportunity to update the content. Working with a video editor, I scripted and produced four new videos, illustrating Greenpeace's work protecting forests. The brief was to create emotive videos using existing footage with supporter and activist contributions at the heart of the stories.

On top of that, I wrote copy for several forests issue pages, providing more detail about the threats facing forests around the world and the work to save them.



Co-working office space Craftwork wanted to update their website to help attract new tenants. I revamped the copy to bring the unique characteristics of the company to life, keeping an eye on SEO requirements, and rebuilt the Wordpress pages to restructure the website.



Indonesia land-use map

Greenpeace Indonesia had geospatial data it wanted to put in the public domain, revealing which areas of land were controlled by palm oil companies. Releasing this information would help hold to account companies responsible for deforestation and forest fires.

Working with the World Resources Institute and Global Forests Watch, I produced Kepo Hutan, an interactive map in English and Bahasa that provided a variety of tools to track which companies were operating in — and potentially destroying — ecologically-sensitive or protected areas.

© David Sandison / Greenpeace

© David Sandison / Greenpeace

Greenpeace volunteer groups website

Greenpeace UK needed to upgrade the volunteer website, so Greenpeace groups around the country could post their own blogs, images and events to promote their activities. The objective was to increase the number of groups posting content and so also increase the online visibility of the groups overall.

I lead development of the new groups functionality within the main Drupal site. I scoped out the requirements, running workshops with key stakeholders (including members of the volunteer community who would be the main users) to identify their needs. Working with developers Torchbox, I managed the build and testing, again recruiting volunteers to gain their feedback. I also designed and delivered training materials in how to use the site, including face-to-face training and how-to videos accessible within the site admin pages.

As a result, many more volunteer groups began regularly posting content and the site became integral to the way the groups


Email reactivation

When Greenpeace UK experienced a drastic decline in open rates due to reduced reputation with email service providers, I developed a plan to improve the health of the email list. I established criteria for active and non-active subscribers, devised a reactivation journey, and created the database segments to target the relevant people. The result was much-improved open rates and tools that could be regularly used to maintain list health.


Other writing and editing gigs

In a past life, I was a freelance writer and website editor. I contributed interviews, articles and reviews to the likes of Metro, Empire, Total Film, Attitude and BBC Film, and — the highlight of my career — a couple of strips in 2000AD. I was a website editor for two series of Big Brother, and a content producer at the BBC on a community website about creative writing.